eblogs newsletter 1

Dear Admin,

First of all, I would like to extend my thanks to eblogs team for your newsletter with valuable information to us, and also would like to extend my heartiest thanks to all members who are in the success of eblogs.

This is great news to us, that our eblogs community is day-to-day increasing with numbers of impressive articles. As eblogs team informed through their newsletter about their payout, really this is good to appreciate to creative and genuine bloggers.

As eblogs team elaborated in their newsletter that, they have not paid for copied articles, this is very good news to promote the original content in blogs. The one thing as mentioned in newsletter that eblogs has also paid some amount for copied contents. I am agree, if some members are copying some portion or theme of blogs from others and giving some their own contents, then there should be not a problem. This things will also help them to improve their blogs quality and in future they can post a good quality blogs.

Eblogs should also appreciate to other countries bloggers, and we should not in a limit. We should always think beyond not in boundary.

Who is paying to blogger for their blogs should not be a matter but the quality of contents should always matter of blogs. I am quite sure eblogs team will always appreciate to blogger for their original blogs.