One Hiding Truth (Wake up People) By Uwon 6

Hi Friends one hiding truth which i came to know today which i m telling and i hope most people read this.

When we become sick,what we do?We go to doctor trusting that Doctor will give us proper medicine and we will be fine.But after u read this u will be scare going to doctor.Coming to the point.
After we go to the doctor,he gives us medicine which we thinks that the right medicine for us and we will be fie soon.But,Doctor gives us somewhat wrong medicine and improves the sales of Pharmacitical company (Medicines making company) for which doctor gets the large commission in return.Doctor has an contract with that company to improve the sales.For this reason,unwanted medicines goes into us and again we go to doctor.Just think how much lost per person and how much they earn from this.?This is the hidden truth i m telling today.
And u know what,when doctor goes to any World tour or to any other place for holidays,we think doctor are going to refresh themselves but NO friends,they go because they improves the sales of medicines companies and for that that companies sponsor different tours to DOCTORS including every expense paid by Medical company.So everything free for them.But they harm normal PUBLIC for this.We only are the one who can stop this corruption.
We are getting Lose and they are Earning a lot from this.

I was not posting blog from some days as i was searching something truth.
Will be back with many other True News.