Its all about Publicity Honey By Uwon (Focused on True Happening) 4

Just yesterday i mean on Thursday,news channels have focused on Rakesh Roshan’s latest movie Krazzy4 that songs theme have been copied by Rajesh Roshan and the original music director name i forgot have file a case against director and Rakesh Roshan gave 2 crore rupees to the original director for taking this theme of songs Break Free and Krazz4.Actually this theme was there in Sony Ericson Mobile Advertisement.After filing a case against Rakesh Roshan,he lost the case and judge to cut both this songs from movie.But Rakesh Roshan gave 2 Crore Rupees to original music director of that theme and tie up with him.
U know what?If we normal people will file a case than it will take years to fight the case than how this Rakesh Roshan and Original theme owner fought the case in just 1 day??Amazing na?

U want to know the truth?
The Truth is nothing happens like all this copying and all but just on the previous day of the Movie Release just to take the movie to Limelight and to make a focus on the movie Krazzy4,Rakesh Roshan done like this,as another Big Movie U ME AND HUM is also released with this.
So Rakesh Roshan have done all this just to make the Publicity of his Movie against
Just think that songs of Krazzy4 were released long back than they thought to file case on previous day of the release only?Y the original director have not listen the songs in March?
Its all about Publicity Honey.