Hidden Truth–2 By Uwon 3

This is my second part of Hidden Truth section i have started.
In this i m going to tell u about another Hidden Truth happing today.
Its about Pornography.
Today everyone knows that Pornography market has risen very much in India and World.But do u know to how much rate and percentage it has increased?
This see figures down.

1) In this world,3075 dollars are spent on pornography every second.Just imagine what will the rate of per day?

2) 28258 persons who uses Internet sees Pornography every second.

3) In America,in every 40 minutes one porn video is made.Disgusting….

4) Only in America there is a business of Pornography of Rs 44000 Crores.So think about other Countries..

5) Beautiful Girls which we cant imagine that she is Pornstar.Outsourcing of this Beautiful Girls is 100 crores just in India.

Got that this Pornmakers earn more than what one can earn from Shares also.

UWON will be back with other sections of Hidden Truth soon.
Till Than