Cricket and Money By Uwon 4

First when Cricket started there was very less salary paid to cricketers on daily basis.But now cricketers are Crorepati’s.This is because there is much corruption in this game now.All plays for money only.Cricket is a game of money nowdays.And BCCI of India is the richest board in the work in cricket game.And to make more money they started IPL and ICL.I
ICL means Indian Premiere League and ICL means Indian Cricket League.
From IPL is richest.As it is managed by BCCI.ICL is opposite of it.
IPL cricketers have already became Rich as they were sold in lacs and crores.Now it doesnt matter that this game proves to be hit or flop because IPL have already maked money from various advertisements and TV rights.It is said they made nearly 50 crores just for Tv rights and advertisements.They are spoiling the game of Cricket.