Good manners make one perfect It makes them adorable to friend, colleagues, relatives-wherever one goes. And if we don’t know what good manners are all about, then we will face the trouble.

Interstingly most of us believe we have good manners already. However in reality, the more we hurry and the more we are stressed, the more manners are likely to slip If we are honest,will admit to properly express gratitude for something when frazzled doddery when rushing to catch train.

We should remember our own rules of manners, however rushed and fraught we feel. we should always make the effort to show these good manners.

* Queusing without jostling
* Complementing people when we need to
* Not sticking oue nose in where it is not wanted
* Keeping a promise
* Not shouting at people who get in our way
* Apologizing when we get someone else’s
* Being civil
* Opening the door ahead of people
* Being hospitable
* Being courteous and charming

No matter how small interactions with people we have each day, don’t let the manners slip. They cost nothing and yet can generate so much good will and make everyone’s life that musch more pleasant.