How you make your spouse angry 3

He didn’t like the curry & he didn’t like my cake.
He said my biscuits were too hard… not like his mother used to make.
I didn’t prepare the coffee right & he didn’t like the stew.

Love : The Most Fashionable Commodity 4

Love , a feeling that only those luckier ones can experience as the great souls would say . but love , now has become a commodity , anyone can fall in love . It is more a fashion .

Life Partners :At later Part of Life 2

It is a controversial topic whether one should marry at the other side of fifties or sixties . I answer questions of people at , where I got this question .


I often used to wonder , how easy is for Muslim husbands to break at any time the pious relationship of marriage as right from my childhood I have heard & seen in movies , plays , TV serials etc tha

Marriage Is Bussiness 4

Marriage has been a profitable business from the beginning. We are searching for a bride for my brother, he is working in Ford Company as German analyst. He earns good amount too.

How number rules the stars 0

All the secret marriage of Bollywood actors/actress is ruled by no. 4 or 8.

Person ruled by Rahu(no. 4) r moody, adventorous & unpredictible.

Demand for gifts after wedding not dowry???? 3

The recent Supreme Court of India’s verdict that the demand for money, presents etc. from the girls parents, post delivery of the child and other occassions cannot be construed as dowry. This is indeed disgraceful and matter of shame.

The bench of honorable judges have not put their minds in a much more deeper manner before passing such a verdict.

The legal system in this country as such has lot of loopholes, which the ever so clever lawyers community misuses it to the hilt, such verdicts only adds further drawbacks to the legal system.

Sad episode of a brilliant Boy 3

The Academic Brilliance
Sonu (Name changed) the youngest son amongst a large family of 2 elder brothers, 3 elder sister and a younger sister, was a brilliant boy academically. He finished his engineering from a leading university with honors. He had dreams of pursuing his master from some university in the US. His parent though aged at that time, was quite independent.

The Family

Don’t Ignore the Good Things 0

Let me have a word here. I live in the West, but I have lots of Indian and Pakistani friends, and I have been following both arranged and love matches.

So far I think the arranged ones work better, percentually.