Life & Death all in HIS hands

Life & Death all in HIS hands 1

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what are the things going on in the mind of a person, who is at the evening of his life?? plz have a look on that And feel it.. 3

O! yam,
How much cruel,
you are; come
Welcome to you.
Don’t be merciful
towards me.
Having deadily dark colour,
With open mouth,
Showing all your sharp teeth
Wearing dark colour clothes

True Love By UWON 4

True Love is very hard to find these days.It is very difficult to find True Love between two person in this generation.And this is because there is no trust between two.If someone is in True Love and

Race of Life 3

Race is a movie about two rich and spoiled half brothers Ranvir and Rajiv who live their life to beat each other in the Race of life. Ranvir wants to win in a fare and square game with his brother.

Life is a dream 2

Life is a dream. Live it through. You know not what is in store the next minute. Take care that you are in no way a stumbling block.


In an arranged marriage, it is customary for the ‘boy’ to come visiting to see the ‘girl’.


What I want to say in this piece is amply illustrated by the following fable written by Leo Tolstoy:

Water is life 2

जल और जीवन एक हैं,
जल संचय तब जीवन संचय,
जब नभ देते जल उपहार,

Life – Wheel of Fortune 5

Life as we all know is a process of evolution. The path one traverses through life has on its way a lot of lessons to be learnt.