Hypertension( High blood pressure) – Know about your health

Hypertension( High blood pressure) – Know about your health 6

Hypertension or High blood pressure can present without a single symptom. But silence is not good. Uncontrolled hypertension is dangerous and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke


1) Polydipsia : Polydipsia refers to excessive thirst. This symptom occurs because there is excessive loss of fluid through urine.


Baby Bottle Tooth Decay ( B B T D ) is the term adopted in 1986 by the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Oral Health Coalition to describe the decay of primary maxillary incisors that occurs due to

Value of Health 4

Good health is a man’s precious possession. One who enjoys good health can enjoy life in the real sense. there can be no real happiness in life if one does not have a good health.

Ban Cigarette Production 8

Cigarette has become a bane on the lives of human beings. The addiction to it is growing in alarming proportions. After all human mind is very easily susceptible to influences.

An orange a day keeps skin doctor away 2

I had read about benefits of oranges to human skin. It is very rich in vitamin which is most essential ingredient for our skin.


According to Hindu Mythology we can do two things with wealth.
1) Give Charity ie Daan.
2) Spend on one’s own self & family members ie Bhog.

Heartburn(Gastritis) – Know your health 4

Heartburn is a symptom which is difficult to ignore. After a nice heavy meal when you are relaxing on the chair you tend to feel burning sesation in the chest.

Balanced Diet 5

Balanced diet