I would like this blog to be seen as a dedication to the most beautiful ship ever created by man and its immaculate presentation by James Cameron.
Titanic, the ship, was one of the largest movable objects ever built, measuring in at 883 feet long (1/6 of a mile), 92 feet wide, 46,328 tons, and 104 feet high, from keel to bridge. The model in James Cameron’s film was built 90 percent to scale.
The movie is a story of True Love and how magical it can make life.
Rose (Kate winslet) blossoms from a shy timid girl into a beautiful woman when the love of Jack Dawson (Leonardo di caprio) touches her life on the Ship of Dreams.
He dies on the ship but lives in her heart forever…thats real love for you!!so all Titanic fans and die-hard romantics Yet remember and cherish this old beautiful movie……
Looking at this we realise that old is gold………….
This was The most successful movie at Box-office..
The movie with most number of Academy awards nominations and Academy awards..
The movie that gave one of the most romantic as well as tragic love stories to the world of movie-goers….
Undisputedly,it is the best allrounder movie ever made…