Oh my MOM !!!!!!!!!! 2

This is a very general and common nature found in almost all of us………..
Read it…………….. realise it!!!!!!!!!

AT 4 Years :- My mom is great…….

AT 6 Years :- My mom knows and can recognize everybody

AT 10 Years :- My mom is good but she is short tempered and less then my friends mother

AT 12 Years :- My mom was very good to me when i was young

AT 14 Years :- My mom is getting fastedious

AT 16 Years :- My mom is not proper . Frankly she knows nothing.

AT 18 Years :- My mom is becoming increasingly Cranky.

AT 20 Years :- OH!!!!!!!! its very difficult to cope up with mom

AT 25 Years :- Mom is objecting everything.When will she understand the world

AT 30 Years :-Its becoming vry dificult to manage my daughter, I was scared of mom at this age

AT 40 Years :- Mom bought me up with so mmuch discipline. How did she manage it?????????

AT 50 Years :- My mom faced so many pronlems to bring us up (4 sisters and brothers) I cant even handle one

AT 55 Years :- My mom was so far sighted and planned so many things for us

AT 60 Years :- MY MOM IS GREAT!!!!!!!

Thus it took 56 years to complete the cycle and come to the first stage !!!!!!!!!
so…………realise it………