K SERIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6

The days are gone when the serials used to be the one from which we used to get to learn something.
The serials used to be so meaningful that all used to encourage the young generation from watching them…..
Gone are the days when we had serials like Buniyaad, HamLog, Phir Wahi Talaash etc.
Now we have serials in which majority of women have ill character and only one or two is o.k among them.
Thanx to Ekta Kapoor who is the champion of bringing the illicit sex, conspiracies and all mischiefs IN THE INDIAN FAMILY DRAMMAS woh bhi on the name of Indian Culture and Indian Women.
i hate Ekta Kapoor’s serials as i feel they are good for nothing..same stuff and only extra marital,s comes the cry from todays generation…………….