Young Valentines Note That ! 8

My husband was somehow not feeling well and perhaps upset with me . He is the one creature who just stop talking if I utter a single word harshly . I just forgot what I told him that he disliked so much . I have to deal with so much problem maintaining my schedule properly because of my little daughter . She is still very young to do anything for herself . I love to write and want to spend some quality time devoted to hone my skills .So I too need enough time to do things what I love to do . Of course both of us take care of her . But the presure my husband had to bear during duty hours sometimes left him with no stamina to handle her tantrums .

In the morning when I wished him a Happy valentine’s day he asked me “Why are you wishing me ?What is this Valentine day ?”. Hmm I could sense why he suddenly became so dumb . I didn’t give up though I was much hurt at his reply . Oh God why did I wished him . It took o much effort to dig out what wrong I had uttered to upset him so much !! At last after telling lots of things that I really didnot mean ,I could make him talk to me .

Why it is so that people get irritated with something so real . I need to correct him at times . Perhaps I told him something which I really meant , because at times he is so lazy , so reluctant to do his works . why he should be upset to this level , that I need to pamper him . What if I too remain silent or let him be .

I just did it not because I want to celebrate this one day for love , but because I don’t like any kind of tension anywhere in my family. At last I could find out his lost voice anyhow. Love is just like that . Young valentines ,note that .