Two categories of Kids 2

Today we can devide children in two categories largely . Those who donot eat and those who over eat . You will see all parents especially moms complaining that their childs do not want to eat daily meals . On the one hand kids as old as five to seven years are dependent on parents to be fed . And that too they take unwillingly .They will either refuse to eat or just take one morsel as long as one hour to swallow .

On the other hand there are those who just go on eating and eating . They are fortunate(?) to have everything they want on their beck and call and pampering parents to support them for eating more and more . But times come when parents even start worrying about their eating habit when the kids start gaining weight at an unusual pace . At this point of time obessity is a greater disease in India than any other disease . It has been gaining reputation of the fastest spreading none-infectious epidemic . Because obessity begets many other diseases like diebetis , high blood pressure etc . Let us forget about those starving ones for a moment .

In a survey , conducted not too long ago it is shown that almost 80% school students in the schools in Delhi are obess . Children refuse to control their over eating habit saying that all their classmates are over-weight . So why should they bother . To add to the problem there are all the kinds of processed food which add more calories that nutrition to the body . Almost all parents today love to enjoy their hassle free dinner at outside home . Because this too has become a trend in cities .

So there are very few kids left who eat healthy . Not much , not less , just a healthy food habit .Will parents learn to take the responsibilty of rearing childs in the right way .