Too strict In Duty 4

My friend Monami was on her way for home and suddenly she remembered that she need to stop in the ATM counter for some transaction . When she completed the formalities in a feat of sheer bad luck , I must say that the ATM card sliped from her hand and it found its way inside the ATM machine .

She was at a loss , what to do ? The person in the counter was watcching all thse . Still Monami explained the incident to him . But the person was reluctant to give it back . He told her that it could be recovered . But it will be against the rules . He needs to follow rules hence cannot help her . She has to come again and put an application . Monami instantly wrote one but he didnot agree to take action . Beside her standing the security guard of the company who told the person that he was witnessing the whole incident . But to no avail .

And Monami who was made assured by the person that her card will be safe for the time till the official procedure of recovering the card gets finished . But she could not believe in him and cancelled the card immediately . Instead of getting home as soon as possible for she needed to stay for sometime more . But she is happy to make it sure that the too strict clerk cannot do any harm to her card . He could well help her if his intention was honest because Monami has already filed an application .