There Is No Limit How Much You Can Know From Life 7

Like many people I too don’t like to talk with other people in a journey , more so when it is a bus journey . Specially when one need to commute daily in the same root it may sometime create problems . And for girls it may sometime times create severe problem . Yes its true . The problems involved with this may range from mere vulnerability to some like unwanted marriage proposals too !

So I prefer to carry a magazine or a book , rather than to talk with strangers and create problems . Not that all people had some bad or not so good intentions , I need to take care of myself when I am alone . Like we cannot choose our parents , we cannot choose our co-passengers .Sometimes appearance can be deceiving .

Once I was on a short journey , just for two hours . As usual I was carrying a book after trying some pages I just let it lie on my lap . I was unaware who was sitting by my side . After 30 minutes of journey I had heard a voice , it sounded like it was aimed to me . I saw an old man , very nicely dressed . He started conversation and told me he had noticed me since I boarded the bus . This man was fine to talk , because he just wanted a patient listener , not asking many things to my embarrassment . He shared some great stories of his life . He was of the age of grand father and he knew many great people of his age personally . At the end of the conversation , it came out that he even knew my grandfather . I was pleasantly surprised at his revealation , felt more than just gratefulness to him , for starting conversation to me , who appeared to be a nerd to many people who too commute daily in the same root .

Whenver I recollect the incident my mind is filled with happy feelings , my grandfather died when I was just a toddler . In this person , suddenly felt such a nearness as if he was send by my grandfather .