The Worst Communicator 4

There are people who want to use the facilities of phone but don’t want to spend the money . Moksha’s blog post provides an interesting account of such people , and how they want to utilise others resources for their own convenience . But I know another specy of phone misers . I myself fall in this category .

When I need to make a call i will procastinate the call , sometimes till infinity . I don’t know what stops me making the call . Most of the time I tell myself , where is the time for making unnecessary calls ? But the fact is that I remain disturbed by the feeling that I have to call some of my friends whom I had talked many days even months back . Sometimes my guilty conscience would made me see those people in my dreams too …

My father also falls in this category . He always embarrased us in college hostels by waiting for us in strange hours . He would go miles to see us but never made a phone call . But always insists that we make the calls ! And when he has some works in govt. offices , he would go to ask personally about the status of his works , instead of asking the clerks over phone . In this process he has to waste lots of his time and money , but he never seems to bother . Recently when he had some works in an office which falls in his way home we asked him to call the person but he ended up in landing there to be dissapointed that the work is still not complete . He will have to waste some of his leaves , money and even physical effort , which he could have saved only by a phone call . Perhaps he has some uncanny phobia for phone dialling , because he often asks us for making calls to his clients ! And his cellphone is a feast for my brother who always want to save his own phone bills !

I don’t know whether this kind of phone misers exists elsewhere or not but I find it very strange . I never make the call if it is not absolutely necerssity .