The Story Behind The Scene 1

During last month ,we had to tell our guests that you have to leave one day earlier that you want to !! Thank God that the guests were none other than my parents , and they were happy instead of showing frowns . What went wrong was a strike by the employees of Airport Authority . My father has to resume his duty after two days , but he was reluctant to go leaving his grand-daughter back here . He was on the side of enjoying his stay one more day with his grand-child and up to the hilt .

But as soon as we got the news of the possible outbreak of strike we discussed if they can stay for some more days , because the strike may turn into an infinite one . They may either decide it to call off or it may be a prolonged one . But it was not possible for my parents . My parents apparently wanted stay just one more day , because God knows when can they meet us again . And we could manage a very early morning flight which means that their stay was shortened for comoplete two days . This is not a big problem for us , but I could see the dispair in the faces of my parents to leave the little one so unexpectedly . But when thinking about other people who are affected by the this strike it feels really frustrating .

On the other side ,my husband was one who is actually one of those who cannot tell people that there will be some troubles during strikes . Just look at the irony , he had to ensure that the things will go on smoothly during the strike .