Thank God for This Meal 2

Today is Saraswati Puja . People in my campus is mostly Bengali and they are very good at arranging pujas. After offering Puja in the morning there was a community luch arranged the menu of which was mainly khichri with other bengal specialities like Beguni ( Fried egg-plant covered my battered maida ) Dum Aloo , chatni ,achar . One of my friend were expressing her disgust for a particular sabji which was ensemble with khichri . She was telling it doesnot go with khichuri . Others told her that , let’s taste it , how it is like . The banquet hall was all filled with pleasant and apetising smell of community feast .

When the food items were served I was surprised to see her objection with every item served in our front . Some are less in quantity , some are bad withour any reason , some are cheap veggies . I told her that she should not say like this about food served , it is our community feast . She said that this khichuri is not past of puja or prasad , then why shouldn’t she complain .

Yes why cann’t she complain . But I swear I loved and enjoyed every bit of the launch , and she too had till the last morsel . I did not tell her anything . Because you know in public place , we just cannot express what we actually think . I wish I could tell her ..Thank God for this meal , there are lakhs of people who cannot afford themselves and their family a meal twice a day . Have not you ever see people picking up food from the pile of garbage ?

When we were young my father taught us to pray and thank God before we start our meal . This is not a ritual of my religion . But till now I follow that . I silently thank God for the meal I am going to have . And enjoy what I have in my plate . earlier my husband was like my friend , complaining anything or the other in the plate . But now he too had learnt the art of enjoying a peaceful meal and turning the dinner or luch as a quality time for the family .