Suh Mantar To All Our Problems 1

We all want to live a problem free life . We want to keep all our tensions at bay . But our problems are never ending as long as we are living . Our basic needs being very limited we shouldnot have any other tensions when we have all these . But we need more and and want to add style to everything .

Along with problems we also have solutions . In fact I think there are more solutions then problems . Earlier we knew that when we are sick we need the help of doctors be it alopathy, homeopathy ,ayurveda…. Now there are thousands of options . Everyone claims that their methods are the best and thee oldests. I don’t want to name but there is not dearth of therapies and …pathies today . No one is sure whether that method will be suitable for us or not , specially when we have changed a lot through the centuries .

Apart from physical health there are several methods that can ensure our well being and personal health . Astrology , Vastu , Feng sui … sounds too ordinary? There are more , Tarot card , Runes , Crystal Ball , Colur therapy ,Stones , Holistic Healing , Reiki , Calling Guardian Angels . Everyone demands your whole hearted faith upon themselves and they will suh mantar all your troubles … irritating mom-in-law , bank loan , partner’s infidelity , kids unattentive in studies , gilty conscience anything and everything under the sun .