Simplicity 2

A question for all genuine bloggers out there . Have you ever noticed that you want to write about something but end up writing something else . And in the process what you actually didnot want to write attracts you most and you give your own thumbs up to this one . I often experience this .

And sometimes it so happens that I wrote whatever I wanted to write successfully . I had one particular motive beehind this write – up , and I am sure I could convey the message to you . But after other bloggers star commenting on my post i come to know that I was wrong . Almost everyone has their own interpretation about the post , and ironically mostly they even differ from each other .

So what is the problem . Is it the complecations of translating one’s idea into written words , or the limitation of one’s writing skills ? The problem of different opinion could be well settled , because everyone thinks differently , but why it is that while advising others , people tend to vary so wildly .

I have found out one reason to it . perhaps it is the lack of simplicity in our writing . Simplicity is the best quality in writing which is very difficult to achieve . i remember a magazine , which is not available to me write now . It was “Wisdom” , the language of the magazine was so simple , yet so effective , that there was no chaance of misinterpretaion there . Every sentence was short , and words used there were so effective .If we could achieve taht simplicity then our writings will be crystal clear and no interpretaion will be needed . That’s why perhaps one French writer said once that the three qualities he wants to achieve in his writings are Simplicity , simplicity and simplicity .”