Sense Of Guilt 7

An emotion or feeling that lets us down most of the time in everyday life is guilt . When we cannot complete some thing within the time despite all the genuine effort we feel the guilt , even when it doesnot affect much in our day to activity . people who try to make others happy are those who are the sufferers of guilt .

This feeling of guilt in day to day life arises mostly from accusations , rather than from crimes . Suppose I reached home late in the evening . I already start feeling bad , but the sense of guilt rises when someone says that I am not punctual . Thus in other aspects too we feel the guilt when others accuse us , whether it is about some real accusations or just assumed . Surveys show that most modern men and women feel the guilt for not spending much time with their families . Moms feel guilty for they sometimes cannot cook for family and kids . Fathers feel guilty because despite trying they cannot attend the parent teacher Meeting or cannot be a part of child rearing actively . Women even feel it more , if someone has been offensive towards them or pass any lewd comment they feel guilty about themselves .

Today the guilt or remorse is not about the any sin . we don’t feel guilty for our reals faults which are associated with others in society . Like we mostly don’t feel guilty if we cannot help some needy people . But I will feeel the guilt if I cannot bring the gift for the child . Thus the family non -issues which we make issues to be guilt can be dangerous in long run . If everyday we feel guilty for something for which we are not responsible for then it will take toll upon our health . So it is very important to find out issues which we can avoid to take in the heart . And to concentrate on