Nasty Fight between Cricketer and Filmstar 2

Who is after whom ? Do the crickers want to rub their shoulders with the beautiful people in the film Industry or is it the other way round ? In a recent comment in front of media young cricker Sreesanth says that filmstars chase the crickers . In a counter comment one filmstar gives reply to it by saying that it is the crickers who chases the fimlstars . However , the incident suggests that both of them are chasing glammour and publicity .

The same filmstar once again attacks cricketers by saying that it is the fimlstars who don’t need to chase the crickers , they just need to purchase the crickers . And she has all the grounds to support her comment because she says that she has heard a very nasty comment passed on her by some crickers aginst the filmstars . This time the incident took place in the stadium itself where the filmstar was participating in some entertainment programme .

Both the cricketers and the fimlstars are part of two glammourous fields, both having huge fan following all and across over the country . But why they are getting engaged in such nasty comment against each other . Both of them are soaring high on sky only because of the popularity of both cricket and films in the country . And thus both have the responsibilty to maintain decency in what they say in front of media .