My Fair Lady 3

Everyone may know that beauty is not something that is only skin deep . Yes skin signify a lot in glam world or beauty business . But we cannot ignore the beauty as a whole package that consists charm , attractiveness , good personality and ettiquettes .

But from time immemorial people pay extra attention to someone who has a fair complexion and get biased about their beauty . This hankering after fair complexion has resulted in people’s indulgence in some products that claim to have ingredients to lighten the complexion and make it fair . But eveyone who uses such product just ignore the harm that they can create . These products have potential ability to cause skin cancer . But like smokers who indulge in smoking just for the sake of relief of tension these beauty aspires also indulge in their thrive of beauty and ignore the carcinogenic ingredients .

People specially youngstars those who have self confidence should stop playing with their health by taking resort to these product . It is the loss of the person who dumps a girl or a boy just for being dark in complexion . The creative brains behind of ad world will never cease to tryi to catch popular fancies and incorporated them in their strategy to pressurise common people’s mind . But people should have the ability to discrete the beneficial and harmful products .