Life Partners :At later Part of Life 2

It is a controversial topic whether one should marry at the other side of fifties or sixties . I answer questions of people at , where I got this question . One person is asking whether he should have a life partner in the absence of his wife . He is 53 , and has his children settled in life . But he feels very lonely after the demise of his wife . Here I want to discuss it in a more general way .

It is true that men feel more lonely at the later part of life specially when their wives are no more . A women can adjust and communicate well with neighbours and children and children in laws , but mostly men fail to do so and have to lead a very lonely and sad life . And women can handle failure more easily then men . When it comes to differences in opinion women can easily adjust to her children , but it is tough for a men to give in to the decision which he cannot agree with .

So for those who have lost their wives or husbands is remarriage a better option . Our society is still not open to remarriage or second marriage . Society is lenient to some extent for men but not for young women . But it is still a taboo for older men and women . When men want to marry once more after the dealth of his wife it is always seen as some kind of adultery when he is above 50 or 60. For Indian women it is something which is completely unthinkable . The problem is mostly viewd in the light of sexual implication .

But looking at the ever busy present generation no one can expect that their children will give them constant company at the later stage of life . In such cases remarriage can be a better option . But for the children it becomes an issue of prestige and sometimes they raise a protest for protecting family properties from getting devided .

So is remarriage a better option for people who are aged and lonely ?