Learning Ability Of Kids 4

It is said that children acquire a new language faster then elders . It is true . I have observed that children who live with their grand parents or in joint family learn things very fast , then the children in nuclear families . Those single child are even more slow , unless their parents spend a lot of time with them , talking and playing or the kids possess more IQ then normal childs .

Recently I have met one mom who told me that her son has start learning language at three . They consulted doctor who checked the boy thoroughly and confirmed that he has no disabilities . It is only beacuse that the parents just did not start talking with him in normal terms . They play with him , try to make things easy for him with signs and gestures for which the child acquired the sign language more accurately . They watch tv a lot which also caused added problem to the child . Because actually there is very few left for him as quality time to be spent with his parents .

As todays parents are more busy then their predecessors , the kids are more left to themselves most of the time . This happens in most of the nuclear families of now a days , where children never find enough time for talking with parents or other people . It is not safe in the cities to send them playing with kids whom neither parents nor the child knows . So most child today grow up like unsocial beings until they are big enough to go to schools .

So it is the necessary of the new parents to spend lots of time with kids , to talk with them as much as they can and play with with them . If possible they should take them to play with other kids , where they can observe them from a distance at least for a few days . This way kids will develope their learning ability , team spirit , social ettiquettes , active sports etc .