Kill Those Who Do not Love you 4

The reccent incidents of a Santiniketan student shot dead by her lover , an upcoming model too shot by her jilted lover and many more incidents of fellow student killing each other by guns etc. do not comprise a presentable picture of the temperament of the youths today .
In most cases it can be gathered that those who are assassinated were more or less guilty . The school student killed by his bullyied classmate , who just killed him before the other does it to himself . He did it without any regret . The model and her family allegedly used the wealth of the young businessman and dumped him. some other incidents are purely result of triangular love .
Whatever be the reason the similarity in all these case is easy access of a revolver or a gun to a civilian . How they can manage it so easily , know how to load it and press it . Moreover their lack of self control and display of temperament is something which is very shocking . How can one think of killing a person who just stopped loving in the cases of jilted lovers .
There must be something which is inspiring the youths only to get accustomed to achievement . They do not how to deal with failure or how to sacrifice .I don’t know . Do you ?