Jodha Akbar Vs the Animal Right Activists 3

As soon as the epic film Jodha Akbar gets ready to hit the box office , there are several allegations are making round against the film . Besides the protest from people from Rajasthan that it shows something wrong while showing the great Muslim emperor marrying the Rajput princess Jodhabaai . They say it hurts the feeling of the Rajput community .

As if this is not enough the film and the producer director has to bear the brunt of animal right activists . They say that while fimling some of the scenes some animals and birds are killed brutaaly just for the sake of realistic effect in the film . Moreover Maneka Gandhi too joins this brigade by stating that lots of animals are used during the shooting of the film , but the animals were not at all taken care of. The elephants and horses were injured but could not provided better trearment .

It is true that as animals are creatures that cannot speak for themselves , we need to speak for the rights of the animals . But I could not understand what made them wait for the release of the film , till now . As everyone knows that the release of Jodha Akbar was much delayed because of some date problems of stars and many more problems . So all these things must happened one or two years back . why the animal right activists had to wait so long to protest this ?? I think that way the animals would be more benefitted , and if someone is guilty then then it would be easier to punished .

Animal right activists even protest if they see a bird is killed in any film , such scenes are violence rendering . But what about the massacres happen in broad reality . They think about stray dogs , I have heard that one person is jailed for killing a stray dog which had bitten his son twice and even threat the life of people in the area . If Govt can order to shoot at sight a terrorist then why hundreds of people need to be engaged in caging a terrorist monkey throughout the day .

I think animals are important ,but not at the cost of human life . What do you say ??