Its a Mad Mad Situation 2

I love writing . So when I joined some blog sites , I felt that now who can stop me ever . But after posting some blogs , or frankly speaking after I have unburdened my heart out I felt that I have nothing more to say .
But creativity is something else which everyone cannot achieve . To be creative , to carry on the flow of writing one must wear a thinking cap . Everyday issues should have bothered them , so much so that they cannot stop thinking untill they write it down or express it . Of course in an artistic manner .
When the flow of our writing has something to do with earning points then it becomes lot more diffrent . It is not easy to go on writing good posts one after another . I think lots of people take resort to cheating to meet the goals . I feel it is so difficult being creative while sitting in front of the monitor . I have to interact with people ,read their posts to know them , know their issues and know at lot of real people to to widen the range of my views .
After joining eblog I am just in a situation which can be best expresses by the word restless . I felt restless to post more and more blog entries and to ascend the ladder of points . But I know I cannot push myself over the limit . But hats off to those who can .