Interesting … 2

I have discovered something very interesting . Yesterday while going through the Admin’s post , which is actually an advice to all bloggers (“Dear Ashish “) , to read the all time popular posts . I followed the link and find out that those post who have maximum reads have some interesting titles . The title should indicate that it will be an interesting read . There should be some interesting facts about electronic gizmos and may be something funny and should be nothing very serious in the post .

The most successful posts are those having interesting personal anecdotes narrated in a spicy manner often with catchy phrases . Its a world of instant give and take process . I write-other bloggers or readers read- traffic increaes , only then I can survive in this site .

It is nice that admmin had stated this things in a clear cut manner , with examples so that we don’t waste our time blogging some dull stories . Let’s make the game interesting .