Habit is Second Nature 5

There some things which we do because we need to do them , if we fail to accomplish them in time we will be in trouble . But there are some works which we do just for habit . And sometimes the line between the two kind of works get merged and we tend to work like a machine . This often happens with our daily routine . For example we eat our dinner , breakfast or launch because without this our health would suffer , we will be trouble in completing our daily chores . But as they are part of our daily life most of the time we eat because we are habituated . We don’t feel hungry but we need to take our launch at certain time of the day .

Habits that we form in our early childhood becomes our nature as we grow up . Some are good for us and some are bad , even harmful . But it is the duty of the parents to inculcate good habits in children . Be it food , hygiene , sleep good habits will always help us to keep healthy .

There are some habits which are important for becoming a better citizen . Like respecting our National symbols ,Anthem , elders , our culture and heritage , monuments , good ettiquettes etc .

And there are some which help us in improving ourselves . Reading good books and listening to good music are two habits that help us to grow better understanding of life and improve our taste . Another one is using dictionary . Most of us feel lazy to look up the pages for the meaning and usage of a word , and try reading between the lines . But use of dictionary is one of the most important habit we need to develop in us . This has great impact in later part of our life too .

And along with developing good habits we need to discourage bad and unhealthy habits as soon as possible . Because habit is second nature ,we are what we do .