First Anniversary at Fourth Year 6

The last day of February this year has brought to us the much awaited first marriage anninversary to us . Yes , after four years . Though each year we celebrate our marriage anniversary I feel something is missing from the celebration , because we have to assume 28 th of Feb, as our marriage day every year instead of 29th .

But yesterday when we talked about this , my husband told me jokingly that his friends were right when they tod him that you people are saving money by getting married at the leap year . Though we don’t believe that we have noticed that no one wish us in the 28th , just say that they wish that it is 29th . When we invite friends for party they just make fun of the fact that we are married at 29th .

Both me and my husband opposed the date initially when our parents have selected the date for the auspicious occasion . But showing the lack of convenience and lack of auspicious date around that time they selected this day . My husband consoled me saying that as this day has great significance , our marriage will be something of great significance . Hmmm . What to say more .

Anyway this day has now no other significances for us .Except for the fact that we will have to wait four more years to celebrate our second anniversary in an exact date .