Extreme Road to Freedom 2

They were four sisters . All of them were educated , beautiful and hailed from a respectable family of a small town . The town is situated at a hilly area and there were lots of natural beauty that added grace to the town .

The sisters were not happy . All of them shared a common dream , to live a happy and open life and to pursue their individual dreams . Which was nothing unusual for some girls in the their twenties . But this common dream seemed to be very unusual for them . It is because of their father . Who was a senior engineer in a govt department . The father never allowed them any social mix-up with friends and relatives . They had to attend college and come back home sharp on time . They had a brother who helped them to some extent , like buying and getting things for them from the market or like that .

But they were fed up with this life . They didnot have any friends , forget about having any relationship with other same age people and having fun . Their father was paranoid enough not to let them enjoy any thing which is common to their age .He in a sense wanted them to live a puritan life sans any enjoyment .

So one fine day they decided to have some fun . They hired a film with the help of their brother , wacthed the film several times in a closed room . And the next morning all of them were found dead in their room . All of them committed suicide and left a note that they wanted freedom from this life .

Yesterdays news of three sisters found confined in their house ,( one in bathroom ) out of some phoebias reminded me of this incident . These girls have never went out of their house out of some imaginary phoebias . But those girls I have mentioned in the beginning were not self restricting . Their lives were made hell by their paranoic father for which they have chosen the extreme path to get freedom .