Craze For Onscreen Adultery 5

Suddenly a genre of film with bold picturisation of adulterous affairs , skimpily clothed heroines became popular . Some actors became popular without any acting ability , only because of their no-qualms-attitude for intimate or I should say rather vulgure love-making scenes in the name of realistic cinema . Indian middle class become more open up towards sex related topics all of a sudden .

Whether people follow films or films show real life ? It is a matter , where none will agree with other . But both have impacts on the other . But I feel somehow films bring to light the way how people fantacise their lives . The popularity of films like Murder , Zehr and many more shows that either the tase of people are changing or they always wanted to enjoy this type of movies .

Recently I have read somewhere that the C grade films are now almost non existing . C-grade artistes now have to take resorts to other earning sourses because that kind of movies are now obsolete . Why not . Instead of watching a unknown artiste people would prefer a Mallika Sherawat or any other ready to shed clothes actress . Look at the subject matter , violence , dresses of the heroines , vulgarity in these films of this genre that I am talking about , which now people can enjoy in the air-conditioned luxury of multiplexes .

All thse have some relevance with the psyche of Indian audience . People always have a greed to watch such films , but they want to hide their desires in closets . With bold directors and producers and actors now it is possible for them to watch such movies . The line between obscenity and love is fast merging . Who knows what is there at the end of the tunnel . Will it stop even after half of the youth go to ashes .