Couph Syrups May prove Lethal For Kids 2

All of us know how much the over the counter medicines can be dangerous for us . Still we use them remaining unpurturbed by the possible consequences which may vary from side effects to permanent damage to health .

Though it is clear that there shoud not be paediatric couph syrup available in India , every time our kids or infants sneezes and wheezes we tend to find relief in the bottle of couph syrup . Even ads are displayed how a couph syrup can gift you a good night’s sleep .

Recently US Food and Drug Administration issued a public health notice warning against the use of couph and cold syrups to children under two . They can cause serious and potentially life threatening side effects according to the notice . The side effects include drying of the mouth , stomach problems and changes in heart rates and blood pressure .

Despite the warning nothing can done in India to stop the use of such medicines for infants . Because everyone thinks that small doses are not much harmful . In the name of herbal , having less side effects companies will continue to sell such medicines . Because they are safe as long as they label states that it should not be given to childrens below two years .

This is time that parents should control themselves from buying over the counter medicines and save kids from dire consequences .