Beware Of Pilot 2

Beware of Pilot , please don’t get scared of the title instead . In our campus evening waltk is something ritualistic for us , specially during the summer days after a scorching day it is mundatory for all and sundry . So the evenings are always lively here . Children play in the afternoon , smaller kids walk and play under the supervision of parents and elderly uncle and aunties .

But for the last few months mostly we have to curtail our evening walks and gop-shup abruptly in certain days . The days when the “pilot” is free of his duty . Yes , He would take out his car and start learning driving . And he is such a bad driver , I tell you , you cannot imagine . Only appreciable aspect is his perseverance . he has been practising driving for the last three or four months and he is all in the starting point till date .

He in fact fails to blow the horn when he sees children in front of him . Once he has stopped the car mid-way because he faced another car approaching him . He cannot take his car to side-ways and losses his mind . He stops and gets down , tells his problem to the approaching driver , instead of getting angry this one has to rescue our pilot !

So the day pilot takes his car out we better stop our evening walks and ask children to stop playing . We can understand his problem , because for him it is impossible to take it out to the rowdy kolkata traffic outside campus . But I wish he is a fast learner , after all he is one who roams in the sky with his vehicle !!