Yog and Devotion 4

Regarding differences between Meditation and Divine Love, let’s take the stock of situation once more.

1. Mind thinks.
2. Thinking of mind has further effect on mind.
3. That is to say thinking is the process through which mind effects change into itself.
4. That is mind gets developed differently with different types of thinking.
5. There is definite different pattern of thinking between three disciplines of Guyana, Yogi, and Devotee.

To be precise:

Guyani (Person who believes in path of Knowledge) thinks everything is God and He himself is also God and World is unreal.

Yogi thinks that world is real and God is reservoir of supreme happiness and keeps on concentrating on divine God.

Devotee thinks God is just like any other ordinary person and loves him as we do in our day to day life. He definitely believes that God and Soul are different without which no love is possible.

There are again classes in devotees, which we are not dealing with at present.

6. Because of difference in thinking pattern, mind of Gyani, Yogi and Devotee gets developed differently. And therefore they reach different states at the point of transformation.
7. God is powerhouse of infinite power and therefore even in spiritual area many varieties are possible.
8. Owing to 6 and 7 All three end up in getting different kind of spiritual happiness.
9. Thus all three will get infinite happiness but of different nature. Just as you experience different type of finite happiness in different relationships, games, eating, watching etc.

10. Since once you cross threshold between finite and infinite you’ll be deprived of any other class of infinite happiness. As infinite means something that stays with you forever.
11. That is why one must make selection of best possible path.