Word and heart 2

There is small story that demonstrates the problem of not getting turned to God. A person approached a saint and told him, “I want to take up a divine course that will lead me to God but this world, the relatives does not allow me to do that. What should I do?”

Saint asked “Do you have faith in me?” “Yes!” replied the man, “That’s why I”ve approached you.” Saint took the person to a tree. One of its branches was bent on the well. Saint asked the person to climb the tree and to go forward on that branch which was right above the well. Saint asked the person to make his hands free, which were holding on to the branch. By doing so the person would have obviously fallen into the well.

Out of fear, that person did not obey the saint. So the saint explained to him, “Look! You hold on to this world, to your status, to your money, to your relatives, to your friends! And you just pretend to have faith in God or Saint. You never behave according to their preaching. If you had faith that there is no difference between saint and God, you would have left the branch of the tree. I was there to save you! There is a lot of difference between surrender by words and surrender by heart.”