Who can make others happy? 4

I do agree that “For me Divine Love is unconditional, no expectations, no neediness, no jealousy, no misperceptions” The trouble is who is in possession of such love? We all are after our own happiness. You can see that, “An individual remains in certain state of mind till it finds itself comfortable with that state and tries to change the state if the prevailing conditions no more yield any satisfaction to it and if the individual is forced to continue in the same state, in which it is not comfortable, it faces the situation with some unpleasant feelings like tension, sorrow, grudge, anxiety and so on.”

We cannot think of anyone else’s happiness. Therefore, we cannot love. Regarding your statement about God and what he gives us, we must know on what basis he is doing so. Why there is so much diversity given that all are his children and we also need to think over a few points:

1. Although God is everywhere he does not tell us personally that “See your aim is to seek me”. Saint tells us about it. What could be the reason?

2. If you are present you must have been there in past and you will remain there in future. Because existing Soul cannot vanish. What then must be governing your future?

3. What does God expect out of you? How can he expect you to love others when that is just not possible? We should give little thought to our aim and realise that we”ll be compelled to do something till we achieve state of never ending happiness. At that stage only one can think of making others happy. Making other’s happy that is the sole job of GOD and his persons SAINTS.