We are not evolved to be happy? 4

A friend of mine said, “We are not evolved to be happy. If we were happy all the time, we would not strive for anything.”

That exactly is the point. Here we talk of what are we exactly after? Is it a pain? Is it sufferings? Well, if they are there, we try to get rid of them. Nevertheless, the situation is not something desirable. The spiritual argument stresses this very point. We are after removal of all sort of sufferings, or still better, we are in search of a state, which once attained will not deviate again from the thrill and excitement. How to get to that state? This one question and you have variety of disciplines: Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Engineering, Technology, Science and so on. Everyone, through whatever he chooses, tries to search the exactly same thing – the happiness, excitement, thrill, enjoyment or satisfaction whatever you name it! Search can end only if one lays his hands on a kind of happiness that stays forever. Otherwise another search starts. One can never come out of the cycle of the searches, one search after another without any end. It is obvious then the permanent happiness must infinite so that it would never recede. What psychology deals in? Why a person gets engaged into what he is doing? Different actions one Goal – Joy, Peace, Satisfaction, Thrill, Excitement…

Am I right?