Two aspects of working of a mind -1 4

Little Big!

The little thought of loving God is the biggest thought that one can think of.

There are two aspects of working of a mind.

1. To account for some thing that was done in past. This comes to you in the form of presentation of sufferings, happiness, opportunities, threats etc.

2. To effect a change in the mind so that it thinks in a certain way in future.

To experience sufferings is in itself is a deed. Now, while mind is subjected to sufferings, if mind does not try to think of God, it will think of this world. If mind thinks of this world, it accumulates further dirt and cannot be purified. If mind thinks of God, it has cleaning effect and one advances to wards God. Thus, sufferings itself cannot purify heart unless sufferings are supplemented by remembrance of God. Sufferings can only account for our misdeeds in past.