The Problem 3

The problem definition is very important aspect of any venture. If someone wants bring relief to others, he or she must know the reason behind those sufferings. You”d say situations that they are subjected to. Then why only those persons subjected to such situation when almighty, all knowing God is present every where. Why can’t he save them? There has to be some profound theory. God will be there with all his divine qualities of compassion, divine happiness, divine beauty etc. Still we DO NOT realise him in correct version. Through theory you”d be able to diagnose the disease of suffering. Then the solution can be worked out. No point in attending to just symptoms, one must focus on cause.

To experience God every where! That is the DESTINATION not the BEGINNING. Mind can either think of GOD or of material world. If you say you want to see divinity in everything, you cannot see anything other than DIVINITY ANYWAY. That is you can perceive the world either as Material world as most of people do OR perceive it as DIVINE GOD as all saints do. To transform the vision efforts are must.

The basic problem lies in not knowing where to look for happiness and what happiness really is.