In fact there is need to understand basic differences between DIVINE LOVE and WORLDLY LOVE.

It is true that SUPPRESSION does not work well. You can allow all your feelings to flow without control in SPIRITUAL AREA. Therefore the way is to THINK that DIVINE GOD with all his INFINITE HAPPINESS is present where your mind goes. That is you”re trying to visualize presence of DIVINE GOD and NOT of any MATERIAL PERSON. To be more precise you cannot think of any material personality IF you”re thinking of GOD. This is BECAUSE mind can think only one thing at any point of time. Worldly love is actually just satisfaction of your own sensual pleasures in guise of LOVE. Unless you”re completely happy, unless you”ve infinite treasure of happiness with you, you CANNOT love anyone else. A person CANNOT DONATE something that he does not have. Say for example, a beggar cannot give you a million dollars even if he wants to. For this reason you cannot go on discussing experiences of worldly LOVE and because that is NOT what we”re looking for.

The best way is to imagine that GOD is present with you in the form that YOU LIKE BEST. Have any kind of relationship with him that you wish to have. No need to exercise any control. JUST remember one thing that HE MUST BE HAPPY to receive you. And gradually you’ll notice that the objects, which were so attractive to you, are totally lack-luster. DIVINE LOVE is an experience connected with NEVER ENDING happiness.