Some arguments 2

Telling facts cannot be taken as criticism. If some one is ailing from cancer and if you tell him, you are not critising him. Instead it could be good for him if he takes it seriously. I have”nt said that theories of meditation are wrong, all that I’m saying is the ultimate reception of happiness through them is far less inferior compared to bliss of love. If you want to know what my GURU teaches, you can contact on the number I displyed on welcome message for his material. Even you can write me your exact address so that I can dispatch it to you.

Let us go point by point.

1 you said God is not within us but you also stated “Infinity minus infinity is equal to infinity.” “Therefore, God, even after occupying EACH AND EVERY smallest particle, can still have a distinct appearance.” Are we not made of particles?

The whole issue is about it. GOD IS THERE EVERY WHERE. He occupies even our body and soul. STILL we do not experience infinite exhilaration. We need to know reasons for that.