Some arguments 4 8

6 Quote “The instrument (body) that we possess are incapable of grasping divine God.” Humans are capable of grasping the divine God, many have like your Guru and your guru is human like the rest of us so why would we not be capable of this. It is like hairs grow from our body but they are not same as of the body. You can cut them easily. Similarly God is divine but our body is material, incapable of grasping of divine God. You”ll find the differences between saint and other person as you continue reading The Permanent Solution. GURU is divine in and out. It is our problem that we do not experience him that way.

7 quote “Therefore, there cannot be any divine cure for any disease, for God is the only source of all divine powers.” Let me quote from the bible here…I Corinthians 12:9 “to another the gifts of healing by the same spirit” Chapter 12 speaks of all the gifts God has given us. I know we have the power to heal others because he has given us this gift.

As I have been arguing there are many supernatural powers but those who seek them can use them only for finite duration and they too are not exception to the general rule of seeking their own happiness. Such healing is temporary and cannot cure real disease of desires. Therefore there is no real divine cure. What saint can do is all together different. One should not compare his doing with that of saint till one acquires divine knowledge.