Some arguments 2 4

“I do experience happiness through the senses.” Only experience is experienced through the senses, happiness is in the heart/soul and is not felt through the senses. Can you smell, taste, hear, see or touch happiness. No, you can only feel it through the heart and feeling it through the heart is non physical.

Our internal feeling of happiness are invariably tied to external objects and perception of external objects is through senses and therefore the belief that “I do experience happiness through the senses.”

3 Happiness is the creation of mind itself” Any happiness created in the mind/ego is a temporary happiness. True happiness is in the heart/soul. the heart that really knows what unconditional love is.

What is difference between heart and mind? Please refer to post no 37. True happiness is always of infinite magnitude. It cannot be sustained by material heart (or mind).

4 You quoted “Concept on friendships are formed because you feel they are useful” This is not what true friendships are based on, this is the practice of conditional love. Does God love us conditionally? I think not. We are to love one another unconditionally because we are all children of God ….we were all made in his likeness…..we are all perfect

Are we replete with infinite happiness like God? Are we all knowing like God? Are we omnipotent? Because we live for our own happiness, we develop friendship with others so that we are happy. That is the usefulness I am talking about.

5 Your quote “No one loves anyone else for else’s happiness, but to fetch happiness to ones own soul” Does it not feel good to you to make someone else happy…when I love someone I do not expect it to make me happy in return and I don’t expect them to love me in return…I love them because they are nothing less than lovable because God made us all and all are lovable.

True LOVE has ability to relieve you from all sorts of sufferings. It brings you infinite happiness. And then if don’t object the statement that “To simplify further, an individual remains in certain state of mind till it finds itself comfortable with that state and tries to change the state if the prevailing conditions no more yield any satisfaction to it and if the individual is forced to continue in the same state, in which it is not comfortable, it faces the situation with some unpleasant feelings like tension, sorrow, grudge, anxiety and so on.” How can you claim that you love someone? LOVE is to make others happy while we are after our own happiness.