Seperate entities – 2 10

you see two separate houses you will say that they are separate. Won’t you? Even if you want them to be one, they can not be. Subject of poetry is different from Mathematics. They are separate subjects. Similarly Divine Love and Meditation are separate subjects! I”ve even listed one major difference between thinking pattern of devotee (follower of Divine Love) and yogi (Follower of Meditation).

Devotee thinks that God is his beloved and takes his complete care like any fiancée takes care of her fiancé, while yogi through meditation just thinks that God is Supreme Divine Personality. Yogi tries to concentrate on God in some way or other so that he would acquire divine happiness. There is no love-relationship between Yogi and God. Yogi is not at all bothered about God as we do for our beloved ones or as devotee is worried about God. This difference in the thinking pattern affects mind differently. We have already seen that our thinking affects our own mind. Thus both of them have different states of mind before transformation from material to divine and therefore the difference between final reception of happiness.

Another point is every Soul is SEPARATE entity. Souls cannot become one! If two souls experience same feeling, their minds are still SEPARATE and therefore they experience two sets of same feelings. Soul, God and Maya are indestructible entities. And every soul has mind and intellect attached with it. Even during unification with God, which Gyanis achieve in their samadhi, Soul is still SEPERATE entity from God. All that happens is Soul remains in constant touch with Divine God and therefore experiences the happiness that flows from God. Soul and God do not become one! Sometimes devotee thinks and behaves as if he were God. Still Soul is different from God. Separation, which is there, will remain there.

No point in rejecting Separation between two SEPARATE entities. Unless you know basic differences between two separate theories of Materialistic and Divine approaches you cannot even think of getting on to spiritual path. God is so kind that Divine Love is accessible to all.