Separate Entities. 4

I cannot see your house from the one in which I’m staying. Until you experience Divine Happiness, you”re standing outside the house of God. All this theory and practice is to get ENTRY into the house. If you”ve already acquired that infinite happiness, you don’t need any theory or any practice. All that you experience is just GOD everywhere accompanied by infinite happiness. BUT YOU”RE A SEPARATE ENTITY EVEN THEN.

Even after acquiring infinite happiness through meditation, you’ll never get to know what sort of happiness lies there in Divine Love. For a devotee, happiness of all other kinds are available. He just discards all them as rubbish. Because the taste of divine happiness is SEPARATE from that of Samadhi happiness. If yogi by chance comes across Divine Love he”ll forget his meditation forever. But Devotee, even after being offered, will reject yogi’s happiness. If you”ve something of superior quality in hand you’ll never accept the one with inferior quality.