Romantic Mood 2

Well, the problem is we are in search of happiness and we will continue our search till we come across never ending happiness. Therefore eternity has to be there. In order to have eternity magnitude has to be infinite because finite magnitude will cease to exist sometime or later. Regarding quality of happiness, it is altogether a different dimension. You can get some idea from day-to-day life. There are many moments of satisfaction, all them can be categorized. For example, you derive happiness or satisfaction through your son or daughter, through eating, through driving, through swimming, through sleep and through romantic relationship. Supposing all of them are escalated to infinity, difference in quality would also multiply. There is no question of energy loss whatsoever because infinity-infinity=infinity. Hence all saints, who are in possession of romantic love for God, scoff at other theories just to inform that “Choice is yours. You”ll get one of the spiritual happiness. Why do you want to limit to lower level where you will not have access to love?” The romantic mood is the best. There is no doubt about it.