Question 2 2

Question2: What is Maya? Is it all powerful? Is Maya Emotions?

Maya is that power of God which hides God from us. The purpose is not to deprive us from the happiness that resides with God. Maya actually makes the living possible on this earth. No one can be more powerful than God. God is powerhouse of infinite powers. There are three types of powers. Internal powers, Neutral Powers and External powers. Maya is external power. Soul is Neutral Power and Divine Love, Divine Happiness etc all are internal powers. Maya being external power, it is lifeless. The vitality that you see in any living organism because of presence of soul is not there in Maya. Still Maya captures soul. Maya encompasses the complete world. Not only outer world, even inner mind is under influence of Maya. Maya had few important associates. They are. Kam (Sexual urge), Krodh (Anger), Lobh (Greed), Mad (intoxication), Matsar (jealosy) etc. Most important of all is Ahankar (Ego).